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Photoshop for Architects 2.0: 3-Day Intensive Workshop

Event Type: Seminar/Wkshop
Facility: Architecture and Community Design (HMS)
Presented By: School of Arch. & Community Design
Course objective:

This workshop will teach students the basics of Adobe Photoshop, enabling students to generate compositions from a two dimensional surface and enhancing its readability through line weights, color, 
tone, artistic creativity, and personal expression.

This course will be used for learning Photoshop’s basic functions and will also serve as a catalyst for the design process, further increasing productivity and efficiency.  Additionally, students will be taught 
how to apply parts of their design projects that utilize photos, digital media, and free-hand media to develop their compositions and explore issues of representation.

The first half of class time will be spent working on assignments that explore Photoshop functions and 
how they are applied to create the final image. Students will learn how to manipulate images to address the needs of a specific project.

The latter portion of the class will be dedicated to critique and feedback from the instructor.  Student examples from in-class will be presented to demonstrate variations of the in-class exercise.

Material being covered:

Home screen / Tools Panel / Hot keys
History states
Alpha channels
Photos / Retouching
Light / Shade / Shadows
Drawings / Plans / Sections / Elevations
Perspectives / Rendering
Finalized Compositions
Layouts / Presentation

Additional technical issues addressed:

- The correct file type for saving/printing; for digital media.
- Vectors and why they are necessary.
- File management and how to prevent PS from crashing.
- The Color Wheel
- CMYK vs. RGB
- DPI vs. PPI
- Tiffs, Jpegs, Bitmaps, etc.

3-day Intensive Workshop

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday, November 8, 9, 10

5pm to 9pm in the SACD Computer Lab, HMS 106 
Course Start Date: Tuesday, November 8th 

Course Schedule: 3 days, 4 hours/day 

Instructor: Jason Abrams 

Plan A: USF Student $325.00 
Plan B: Non USF Student $395.00
Plan C: Professional $450.00 

Date: 11/10/2011
Event Information: For additional event information, please visit:
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Location: HMS-Courtyard
Start Time: 5:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
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