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BFA Thesis I: Everything I Never Told You Reception

Event Type: Reception
Facility: Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery
Presented By: School of Art & Art History
The School of Art & Art History presents the fall 2023 BFA Thesis Exhibition: Everything I Never Told You at the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery. 

The exhibiting Artists include Victor Berona, Hunter Bodanza, John Cooper, Lavaughn Forbes, Yizen Hou, Jeremy Jacobek, Sarah Jacobek, Dylan Kraemer, Melissa Labrit, Adrian Lara, Diana Ma, 
Kathleen McDonald, Josseline Melgar, Leah Powell, Hannah Quade, Denise Riebe, Mariana Rodriguez, Sarai Rodriguez, Carrington Tanner, and Valerie Zuniga. 

The exhibition will be split into 2 groups, the first week, Nov 17- Nov 22, will have an opening reception on Friday, Nov 17. The second week, Dec 1- Dec 7, will feature new artwork and have an
 opening reception on Friday, Dec 1. Receptions are held from 6-8pm, the gallery is located at 3801 USF Holly Dr. Tampa, FL 33620. 
Date: 11/17/2023
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Purchase Tickets: Free Event.
Location: CMW Gallery
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
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