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The Othello Project

Event Type: Theatre
Facility: Theatre 2 (THR)
Presented By: School of Theatre
For its 2011 visit, the British International Theatre (BRIT) program focuses two very different lenses on Shakespeare’s tragedy.  Combining radically different approaches to Othello in a week of shared, 
key scene, workshop presentations, Frantic Assembly, one of England’s premier physical theatre companies, will work with USF actors and dancers to create a multi-media piece based on 
Shakespeare’s tragedy, while integrating an American sensibility into the work.  Veteran London director Paul Miller will provide a counterpoint to this approach, working from a traditional, text-based 
aesthetic, to create a dynamic stylistic blend.  The result: an Othello as you’ve never seen it.

Date: 2/25/2011
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Location: THR-Hall/Stage
Start Time: 8:00 PM
End Time: 10:00 PM
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