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Trauma & Apathy by Kennedy Artist Basma Al Sharif

Event Type: Lecture
Facility: Fine Arts Hall (FAH)
Presented By: School of Art & Art History
Artist/Filmmaker Basma Alsharif presents her work through a narrative on the development of her practice as coinciding with the normalization of vivid images of trauma. 

Her lyrical use of history, language as poetics as aesthetics, and soundscapes as immersive 
environments, weave together disparate materials  into multi-layered works. Interrogating  the representation of violence as apathy producing, Alsharif's work centers on the human condition in 
relation to shifting geopolitical landscapes and natural environments through video, film and installation.
Date: 3/31/2016
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Purchase Tickets: A Free Event.
Location: Arts Lecture-Rm. 101
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
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