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Visiting Artist: Sean Miller

Event Type: Lecture
Facility: Fine Arts Hall (FAH)
Presented By: School of Art & Art History
Lecture: John Erickson Museum of Art: All-Over Museum

Sean Miller, founder and director of the John Erickson Museum of Art, will discuss the recent projects, museum grounds, and the expressive capabilities of a location variable museum. Miller will 
also present recent additions to his Art Museum Dust Collection and discuss the give-and-take world of art museum dust. Sean Millerís work explores situations, practices, and information that sustain and 
define existing power structures in contemporary art and politics. Miller employs obsessive activities, absurd scenarios, humor, and extreme aesthetics, in order to introduce objects and events that 
question existing categorical and organizational methods within these hierarchal structures. Millerís processes involve the utilization of collaboration, collective action, multi-media art, relational 
aesthetics, and alternative art venues. Miller is a Florida-based artist, curator, and an Assistant Professor at University of Florida where he teaches sculpture and the Workshop for Art Research 
and Practice. Prior to moving to Florida, Miller lived in Seattle, Washington where he co-founded Soil Collective and Gallery. The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) is a six-year old museum and a 
conceptual, generative, art project. JEMA held its grand opening in 2003 in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum. The opening lasted two minutes. As a location variable museum, JEMA regularly works 
with international artists to realize projects that require mobility and multi-destinational site-specificity. By moving with stealth and agility, JEMA offers a vital, yet affordable, museum space and supports 
the quick, decisive, and efficient delivery of art to the viewing public. JEMAís galleries are traditionally housed in a series of 16"x12"x9" aluminum carrying cases however recent museum initiatives have 
provided several other unconventional spaces. The museumís mission is to display and collect innovative and provocative contemporary art and/or offer exhibitions that destabilize traditional 
notions about the nature of art and art practice. JEMAís design allows it to perform and embody numerous aspects of art and art practice in a simultaneous manner. JEMA is a museum, display case, 
crate, exhibition space, sculpture, photographic series, performance, installation, site-specific project, collaboration and web-based project. It involves nearly all the realms of art practice and seeks to 
revitalize the roles of curator, artist, and viewer. JEMA has exhibited and collaborated with artists such as Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, John Feodorov, Gregory Green, Kristin Lucas, Arnold Mesches, 
Andrea Robbins/Max Becher, Sergio Vega, and more. 

Sean Miller has exhibited internationally at venues such as: ACC Galerie (Weimar, Germany), Deitch Projects Art Parade (New York), National Museum of Ireland (Dublin), Schalter Gallery (Berlin), Spazio 
Utopia (Campagna, Italy), Indianapolis Museum of Art, Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), Aqua Art Fair (Miami Beach), Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast, N. Ireland), Catalyst Arts (Belfast, N. Ireland), 
UICA (Michigan), CoCA (Seattle), COCA (St. Louis), Post Gallery (Los Angeles), Howard House Gallery (Seattle), SOIL (Seattle), Saltworks (Atlanta), Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle), Limerick City 
Gallery (Limerick, Ireland), Museo Raccolte Frugone (Genoa, Italy), UnimediaModern Contemporary Art (Genoa, Italy), Villa Croce Museo díArte Contemporanea (Genoa, Italy), and HorseHead Outdoor 
Sculpture Exhibition in (Seattle and Belfast, N. Ireland). My work has been reviewed, published, or broadcast in: New Art Examiner, Sculpture Magazine, Art Papers, New York Times, The Nation, 
Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, Baltimore Sun, LA Weekly, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami New Times, Daytona Beach News-Journal, 
The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, ArtStar "Six in the City" Reality Television, Gallery HD, Dish Network (2008), NVTV Interview, "In Conversation With" Katie Larmour, Northern Visions Media Centre, April 
21, 2008, Belfast, Northern Ireland,  "How to Start Your Own Country" (2009) Documentary Film by Jodi Shapiro.
Date: 4/7/2011
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Location: Arts Lecture-Rm. 101
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
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