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Festival of Inner Peace

Event Type: Seminar/Wkshop
Facility: School of Music (MUS)
Presented By: Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Corporation
Welcome to an evening of illumination, immersion and transformation!

We want to take you along on a journey - not to the Himalayas but to the inner recesses of your own self, to treasures you did not know existed.

For centuries, wise men and women have pursued these treasures through penance and piety but 
we will take a musical route - through the nervous system, to reach a state of meditation where we 
become one with the universe around us -silent and blissful.          
Date: 8/4/2017
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Location: Concert Hall-Stage
Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 9:15 PM
Location: Concert Hall-Stage
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Location: Concert Hall-Stage
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