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USF Opera

Event Type: Music
Facility: School of Music (MUS)
Presented By: School of Music
USFís Opera Workshop presents its Fall 2012 performances on November 2nd and 4th. 
This semesterís program features three excerpts from major works of the operatic literature.
The program begins with the entire first act of Mozartís masterpiece The Marriage of Figaro "Le 
Nozze di Figaro". Arguably one of the most significant operatic works of all time, it is set in the home 
of Count Almaviva. His servant Figaro is set to marry his bride to be, Susanna. The Count Is 
determined to thwart the intended marriage in order to obtain Susanna for himself. His accomplices in 
the matter are many including the buffo basso Dr. Bartolo and Marcellina who would have Figaro for 
her husband if the Count can successfully arrange it. The young adolescent boy Cherubino (scored 
by Mozart for a female mezzo-soprano) is hopelessly infatuated with the Countís wife and becomes 
entrapped in Susannaís chamber where he will eventually be discovered by Don Basilio the music 
teacher. The act concludes with Figaro informing Cherubino of the glories of war as he is shipped off 
to join the ranks of the military. This scene will be performed in the original Italian.
Jules Massenetís setting of the story of Cinderella "Cendrillon" comprises the second excerpt of the 
program. Performed in English, this scene opens with Cinderella returning home from the Ball and 
lamenting the loss of one glass slipper in her haste to return. She recants the frightful journey home 
from the ball and calls out for the aid of her Godmother. She is interrupted by the return of her 
stepmother and stepsisters who are in hot pursuit of Cinderellaís father Pandolfe. They are locked in 
a heated argument about whom the Prince was showing more attention and affection. The battle 
ends when Pandolfe chases them from the room at sword point. He consoles his daughter and the 
two end the scene in a beautiful duet together.
The program concludes with Gian-Carlo Menottiís holiday favorite "Amahl and the Night Visitors."
Performed in the original English, this one act opera tells the story of the three wise men that are 
journeying to see the Christ child. On their way, they happen upon the home of Amahl a young 
crippled boy that lives with his mother in a small shack. Amahl is a dreamer and he tries 
unsuccessfully to convince his mother that he has seen a magnificent star in the night sky. We learn 
of their struggles and destitute state while Amahl consoles his tired and hungry mother with promises 
of good fortune. The two sleep until awakened by the three kings. The Shepherds arrive with gifts to 
offer for the Kingsí journey. While the Kings rest for the night in the small home, the mother becomes 
overwhelmed with temptation upon seeing the gold that the kings are taking as tribute on their 
journey. She is caught attempting to steal and Amahl must convince the kings of his motherís 
sincerity and innocence. As the opera concludes, Amahl offers his crutch as a gift of true sacrifice for 
the kings to take. He rises and walks healed of his affliction and all rejoice in the miracle and the 
significance it bears. Amahl departs with the kings to take his tribute to the Christ child himself.
Date: 11/4/2012
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Location: Concert Hall-Stage
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM
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