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Art Thursday: Tales from The Vault: Access vs. Preservation

Event Type: Special Event
Facility: Contemporary Art Museum
Presented By: USF Institute for Research in Art
Join CAM for a lively discussion amongst curators, collection management teams and gallery directors to discover the secrets of their contemporary art collections.  Why are certain artworks kept locked in 
collection vaults while others are regularly seen?  Explore some of these "behind the scenes" issues with our colleagues; Jocelyn Boigenzahn (Scarfone Gallery, University of Tampa), Ashley Burke 
(Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg), Kristin Dufrain (USF Graphicstudio), Sarah Howard (USF Public Art Program), Katherine Pill (Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg), and Joanna Robotham 
(Tampa Museum of Art).  The discussion will be moderated by Shannon Annis (USFCAM).
Date: 7/12/2018
Event Information: For additional event information, please visit: .
Purchase Tickets: Free Event.
Location: CAM-E/W/Lobby Gal
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
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