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 Friday, March 29, 2024 
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Arts Lecture-Rm. 101
BEH 104
Barness Recital Hall
CAM-E/W/Lobby Gal Event Name: I Keep the Ladders Clean: 2024 MFA Graduation Exhibition
Status: FIRM
Start Time: 10:00:00 AM
End Time: 5:00:00 PM Event Name: I Keep the Ladders Clean:  MFA Grad Exhibition Reception
Status: FIRM
Start Time: 7:00:00 PM
End Time: 9:00:00 PM
CAM-East Gallery
CAM-Meeting Room
CAM-West Gallery
CGS 136/138
CMW Gallery Event Name: 47th Annual Juried Student Exhibition 
Status: FIRM
Start Time: 11:00:00 AM
End Time: 3:00:00 PM
Centre Gallery
Concert Hall-Lobby
Concert Hall-Stage
Conf. Ctr. Lobby
Conference Ctr. A
Conference Ctr. A/B
Conference Ctr. B
Dance Studio 105
Dance Studio 107
Dance Studio 304
FAH 101-Recital Hall
FAH 102
FAH 103
FAH 107
FAH 132
FAH 133
FAH 134
FAH 226
FAH 227
FAH 276
FAH 281
FAH 283
FAH 288
FAH 290
FAH-Exterior Event Name: ArtHouse XXIV
Status: FIRM
Start Time: 8:00:00 PM
End Time: 11:00:00 PM
FAH-Large Classroom
Forest Hills-Hall
GS-Main Gallery
Gallery 221
Grace Allen Room
HH Auditorium
HH Main Lobby
HH South Lobby
HMS Jury Room 1
HMS Jury Room 2
HMS Jury Room 4
Harbor Hall-Gallery
J. Hall Gallery
Judy Genshaft Honors
Large Classroom
Leavengood Gallery
Lynn Pippenger Hall
MLK Plaza
MSC 2708
MSC 2709
MSC 3707
MSC Ballroom-C
MSC-Hills. Room 2709
MSC-Oval Theater
MSC-Plaza Room 2708
MUS 101F-Conf. Room
MUS 108-Practice Rm.
MUS 110-Practice Rm.
MUS 111-Practice Rm.
MUS 113-Lg. Reh. Std
MUS 116-Piano Class
MUS 119-Choral Hall
MUS 127-Practice Rm.
MUS 136-Practice Rm.
MUS 140-Inst. Hall
MUS 142-Jazz Reh.
MUS 150-Perc. Suite
MUS 205-Classroom
MUS 206-Classroom
MUS 207-Classroom
MUS 208-Classroom
MUS 211-Music Ed.
MUS 213-Comp. Lab
MUS 216-Piano Lab
MUS 223-Practice Rm.
MUS 224-Practice Rm.
MUS 354- Faculty Stu
MUS 355-Faculty Stu
MUS 356-Faculty Stu
MUS 357-Faculty Stu
MUS 359-Faculty Stu.
MUS 369
MUS-Faculty Studios
MUS-Multiple Rooms
Mann-Wagnon Park
Meeting Room
Multiple Locations
Off Campus Venue
Off Campus-Com Step
Off Campus-FP St. P.
Off Campus-Lock Box
Off Campus-Mahaffey
Off Campus-Oxford Ex
Off Campus-Palladium
Off Campus-Ruth E.
Off Campus-St. Mark
Off Campus-TB H. Ctr
Off Campus-Tampa Th.
Off Campus-Venue 1
Off Campus-Venue 2
Off Campus-Venue 3
Off Campus-Venue 4
Oliver Gallery
P.C. Pres-Sanctuary
Room 1051
See Event Info.
Small Classroom
SoTD Storage WHC 108
T.T. Pres-Sanctuary
TAR 110
TAR 120
TAR 130
TAR 220
TAR 222
TAR 230 B
TAR 249
TAT 001-CAD Lab
TBPAC-Ferguson Hall
TBPAC-Morsani Hall
Teco Room
Tour 1
Tour 2
USF Bull Market
W & N Oliver Gallery
W & O-Main Gallery
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